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If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a penny. It’s that simple. That’s our No Fee Guarantee.

An unexpected serious injury or loss can bring your life to a screeching halt.

During an already difficult time in your life, the last thing you need is to be screwed over by some “ambulance chaser” lawyer who is just trying to make a quick buck off you. You deserve personal attention. You deserve a personal injury attorney who is willing to pour everything into your case and fight for your family like it was his own.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a catastrophic accident, truck wreck, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death or any other devastating and debilitating injury, contact us immediately. Texas personal injury attorney Neal Davis, a nationally recognized Houston lawyer on civil cases, is ready to represent you.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


Houston, TX Injury Attorneys: Catastrophic Accidents & Wrongful Death

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Based in Houston, Texas, personal injury attorney Neal Davis brings two decades of legal experience to the negotiating table and courtroom. Neal's superior qualifications, commitment to client service, and record of success have consistently placed him among the top lawyers in America. Our knowledgeable legal team specializes in a wide range of civil cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, catastrophic accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, and other personal injury matters across Harris County and East Texas.

Neal Davis

"Mr. Davis is a very experienced attorney. He was able to help us during a stressful situation and saved our family mental anguish... He stood out from other attorneys at the courthouse. He is very caring in our case and willing to help us above and beyond. He listened carefully and was ALWAYS available when reaching out to him. He is a true blessing in our lives. I STRONGLY recommend him and we will never be able to thank him enough!"

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Neal Davis, Personal Injury Lawyer

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Experienced Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury practice areas we specialize in...

Our experienced team of board-certified lawyers and legal specialists handle all types of personal injury legal matters, with a special emphasis in catastrophic injuries, trucking accidents, traumatic brain injury and wrongful death cases. We represent individuals and families in Houston and across the state of Texas, fighting to help victims obtain the compensation they are owed from insurance companies, employers and other negligent parties.

Auto Accidents

Driving is one of the most dangerous things most of us do on a daily basis, especially in cities like Houston, TX. If you’ve been seriously injured, or a loved one has been fatally wounded, in an auto collision, our auto crash attorneys can help hold the negligent driver accountable for your financial damages.

Product Liability

Despite regulatory agencies like the FDA, whose job it is to keep consumers safe, harmful products still manage to slip through the cracks every day. Negligent manufacturers must be held liable when their defective product results in a serious injury or fatality. Get expert legal help from our Houston product liability lawyers.

Premises Liability

Establishing fault in premises liability cases like construction site accidents and swimming pool accidents is notoriously difficult. The standards of proof are high and expertise is required. Ensure the best possible outcome in your case by consulting skilled Houston premises liability lawyer Neal Davis today.

Wrongful Death

A person or company who causes fatal harm to another person out of negligence is liable for that individual’s wrongful death. With help from our experienced wrongful death lawyers, you and your family may be able to win compensation for things like loss of income, funeral expenses and other damages.

Offshore Accidents

Each year, thousands of seamen are seriously injured and killed off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. Houston offshore injury lawyer Neal Davis received a B.S. in Marine Transportation and worked on vessels for years before going to law school, so he knows the dangers and how to best approach these cases.

Trucking Accidents

Our truck accident injury lawyers understand how serious semi-truck wrecks can be. Truck collisions are typically more severe than car accidents and the repercussions can be lifelong or even fatal. Let Neal Davis help carry the load so that you and your family can focus on what’s most important: healing.

Industrial Accidents

There are countless industrial work sites across Texas, and each is susceptible to serious workplace hazards. These industrial sites can include refineries, factories, warehouses and mines. Our industrial accident attorneys will work hard to secure compensation owed to you for serious injuries or wrongful death.

Catastrophic & Serious Injuries

Catastrophic and severe injuries can occur from a variety of tragic incidents - a truck accident, auto collision, work injury, even a slip and fall. Long-term harm such as traumatic brain injury, amputation, disfigurement and other debilitating impairments may require help from a serious injury lawyer like Neal.

Pollution & Toxic Injuries

Toxic torts and pollution cases range in severity from damages to crops and general land contamination to respiratory issues and deadly exposure to pesticides. If you or someone you know suffered losses or serious injury due to chemicals or pollution, consider seeking legal representation from an experienced toxic injury lawyer.


Why We're Different

Our Houston personal injury lawyers don’t see you as just another client or case number. We treat you as you should be treated - a real person with real fears, needs and concerns. Each person who enters our law offices is welcomed like family because we know this kind of support is exactly what you need during such a difficult time in your life.

This philosophy is also why we offer a No Fee Guarantee. We aren’t interested in your money - we’re passionate about your recovery. And if we can’t deliver, you owe us nothing - it’s a simple as that.

Our No Fee Guarantee

  • No fee unless we win

  • Free confidential case review - no obligation, no commitment

  • Spanish speaking staff available if necessary

  • Peace of mind and free case valuation

Collectively, we have represented thousands of clients and tried hundreds of cases to juries, ranking among the top trial lawyers in Texas. By pooling our combined experience and knowledge, plus the resources from a top-rated law firm, we are able to offer clients stronger case management and a greater chance of success. Because of our reputation of successfully trying cases, we are often able to favorably resolve cases with the other side before trial.

There are a lot of factors at play in personal injury claims in Houston.

Every time I see a personal injury claim fall apart, I have the same thought, "If only I could’ve spoken to them sooner." People often wait until they receive an offer from an insurance company to reach out to an attorney. Then they call me to see if the offer is fair, and I have the unfortunate experience of reviewing their documentation and telling them that if they’d have handled the case differently from the beginning, they'd be in a much better position to negotiate. Please learn from their mistakes. - Neal Davis, Board Certified.

Serving Clients Across Houston, TX and Beyond

We are proud to offer top-notch legal services to the people of Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Chambers County and more. Our clients frequently come to us from all over Texas and the Gulf Coast states, including Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi - to name a few.

Whether you’ve been seriously injured in a truck accident in Houston, an industrial accident in Texas City or suffered the loss of a loved one due to a fatal brain injury, we want to help. Contact our Houston personal injury lawyers today to schedule your free case consultation. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Personal Injury FAQs

Most people choose to hire an attorney after they’ve been involved in an accident or been seriously injured as a result of another’s negligence. When an accident causes significant monetary or financial damage such as medical bills or lost wages, or the wrongful death of a loved one, finding an experienced attorney to represent you can help you secure appropriate compensation and a fair settlement.

A few of the benefits of hiring a professional lawyer to handle your personal injury claim, rather than trying to go through the process alone, include:

  • Efficiency. Experienced attorneys know the best course of action when pursuing claims like yours, allowing them to skillfully navigate complicated legal procedures, file necessary paperwork on time and cut through the “red tape.”

  • Effectiveness. A skilled litigator knows how to spend their time wisely to secure the best possible outcome, whether it’s carefully investigating evidence to prove your case or negotiating behind the scenes with the other side.

  • Objectivity. As an outsider to the incident, your attorney is free from the pain, anger, frustration, stress and other emotions you are understandably experiencing. This allows them to take calculated, fact-based steps according to your best interests, rather than reacting rashly.

  • Resolution. Sometimes a lengthy, drawn-out trial isn’t necessary. A personal injury lawyer will know when to use negotiation or mediation to solve a dispute, saving you time, money and stress.

  • Connections. A lawyer who has been around has built relationships not only with other attorneys, but also judges and officials. This rapport may come in handy when negotiating with the other side or arguing your case before a judge.

Personal injury law in Texas only gives victims of serious accidents a limited amount of time to file a claim with the appropriate court. Know as the “statute of limitations,” this window of time varies according to type of injury claim.

For instance, under Texas civil law, persons wishing to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim must do so 2 years or less after the harmful incident. Medical malpractice lawsuits have the same statute of limitations. Product liability cases, however, may be filed as far as 15 years after the injury, while charges of slander must be filed within 1 year. These statute of limitations vary by state and have few exceptions.

For this reason, it is imperative you contact a Houston personal injury lawyer immediately if you or someone you know has been injured due to negligence. The sooner you can obtain expert representation, the better your odds at building a strong case and securing the compensation you need.

The length of a personal injury case can vary greatly depending on several factors, including severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, complexity of the claim, determination of liability (who is at fault), negotiations, amount of monetary damages requested, etc.

It is estimated that a straightforward personal injury claim without any hiccups generally takes anywhere from 4-9 months to resolve. However, more complex cases such as industrial injury or medical malpractice claims often take longer, sometimes lasting 1-3 years.

Ultimately, you will have to ask your attorney how long they think your specific case will take.

Most personal injury attorneys, including ours, offer legal services on a “contingency fee” basis - meaning you only have to pay if the lawyer secures a positive outcome in your case. The upfront costs such as court fees, hiring expert witnesses, investigations, etc. are paid by the law firm until a successful resolution is reached. This means you don’t pay us a penny unless we win - and then our fee is deducted from the compensation your case is awarded.

When you contact us, one of our staff will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule your free case review with a professional Houston personal injury lawyer. During this consultation, the attorney will ask you about the details of your case and calculate the potential compensation you are entitled to - all free of charge. You are also encouraged to ask the attorney questions about their experience in order to make an educated decision about whether you feel comfortable trusting us with your case.

Should both you and our attorneys choose to proceed, we will complete the necessary paperwork and immediately begin working on your case - starting with investigating the events that led to the accident, filing the official lawsuit and negotiating on your behalf with insurance companies and the at-fault party.

Once a successful verdict or settlement is reached, you receive the compensation you are owed. If we are unable to secure you money, you don’t pay us a penny. You are free to pursue representation elsewhere if you wish. That’s our No Fee Guarantee - it’s that simple. No recovery, no fee.

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We are available 24/7 to discuss your case. During your free consultation, we will review your case as you get to know us, allowing you to evaluate our abilities before you commit to having us pursue your claim - no obligation, no cost.

In addition, our No Fee Guarantee means you won’t pay a penny unless we win your case. It is this promise that makes Neal Davis stand out among wrongful death attorneys and personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX.

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Whether you've been injured on the job or suffered a catastrophic injury in a serious accident, we want to make sure you are fully prepared for the difficult road ahead. For more information about what to do before, during and after your lawsuit - as well as answers to some common questions you may have regarding your case - we invite you to explore our Texas personal injury resources.








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