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About Us

Neal Davis Houston Personal Injury Attorneys

When you or someone you love is injured, you want an attorney who gives you the best chance of maximizing your recovery. You want someone who has a reputation for trying and winning cases.

And you want someone who treats your case as seriously as if it were their own case.

We Know What You're Going Through

Neal Davis understands what you are going through. You're worried about the future, wondering how you're going to survive financially and emotionally. You are looking for peace of mind knowing that you have the best legal team fighting on your behalf. You want personal injury lawyers who understand that winning isn't everything - it's the only thing.

Our Unique Team Approach

For two decades, the law firm of Neal Davis has aggressively fought for our clients in both criminal and civil court. We’ve tried hundreds of cases to juries, including high-profile cases attracting international media attention, and have won under the most difficult circumstances. If hired, we’ll use the same grit and determination we employ in Supreme Court cases to secure the best possible settlement or award for your personal injury case.

The goal?
To use our experience of handling thousands of cases, and trying hundreds of cases before juries, to obtain the best possible recovery for our clients.

You Don't Pay Unless We Win

Regardless of your socioeconomic status, you should still have access to legal services. Someone who is injured and does not have the resources to hire an attorney should not suffer the consequences. That's why we work on a contingency with our clients. If we do not win, you don't pay a penny.

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If you or a loved one have been inured, do not wait to hire an attorney. Time is of the essence. Evidence can be lost or destroyed, witnesses disappear or their memories fade, and the window for effectively using experts might close. Please contact us today for a free consultation.







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