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The Government's Duty to Road Safety

The government has a certain responsibility to taxpayers to keep roads and intersections safe for motorists and pedestrians. That being said, the government can sometimes be held liable for accidents that are caused by unsafe roads, and citizens, under the Federal Tort Claims Act, are able to sue the government for this neglect. Due to budget constraints, it's often more likely that the government will pay for compensation rather than begin a new construction project to fix the problem.

Harris County saw 110,489 total car accidents in 2015 according to the Texas Department of Transportation (PDF). Of those accidents, many were due to dangerous road conditions. Roads considered “dangerous” can be labeled as such due to numerous factors and hazards. Those hazards can include:

  • Lack of Safety - A lack of crosswalks, proper warning signs, or lack of visibility can be labeled as a safety deficiency and can cause numerous accidents.

  • Negligent Road Construction - Construction crews or equipment that fails to follow safety procedures or plans can dangerously block roads and lead to a higher accident rate.

  • Poor Road Maintenance - Road conditions such as broken guardrails, lack of lane dividers, broken traffic lights, or even erosion can cause a road to be unsafe for drivers.

  • Potholes or Uneven Surfaces - Uneven road surfaces may seem harmless at first, but can cause serious damage. Potholes, loose gravel, or other hazards can easily cause vehicles to swerve or lose control and cause an accident. According to Texas law, these conditions should be fixed immediately.

  • Unsafe Road Design - Steep drop-offs, dips and slopes, or dangerous lane markings can all be considered dangerous road design. Failing to point out these dangerous features for drivers with warning signs can be considered negligence in a personal injury case.

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Most Dangerous Roads in Houston

Out of all the roadways in Texas that are considered “dangerous,” the majority fall within Harris County and the metro Houston area. These stretches of road and dangerous intersections are responsible for numerous accidents. It's advised that drivers use further caution when driving in these areas:

  • Interstate 45
  • Interstate 10
  • Beltway 8
  • Genoa Bluff Rd.
  • Highway 225
  • Bertrand St.
  • Elgin St.
  • Hamilton St.
  • 43rd St.
  • Rosslyn Rd.

Proving Fault in a Dangerous Road Accident

Proving a dangerous road case can be both difficult and expensive. The accident victim must prove that either a contractor or public employee acted in a negligent manner, and that the negligent act was responsible for causing the dangerous conditions of the road. They must also prove that a government agency knew about the hazard and ignored the issue.

In addition to proving government fault, the victim must also prove that the road's dangerous conditions directly resulted in his or her accident and injuries. It is wise to consult a personal injury attorney and enlist their help in investigating the fault of your dangerous road accident.

Hiring a Houston Dangerous Road Accident Attorney

Dangerous road accident cases are complex legal situations, and with all the traffic and potentially dangerous roads in Houston, those sorts of accidents are always a possibility. Choosing an attorney who has the knowledge to help you through the legal process and who understands the ins and outs of dangerous road accident cases is critical to winning your case.

Attorney Neal Davis serves the city of Houston and the surrounding areas. We are fully prepared to guide you through your case and fight as hard as we can to get you the maximum possible compensation. If we don't win, you don't pay. That's our No Fee Guarantee. Contact us today for a free consultation.







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