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Catastrophic accidents at plants & refineries can leave injured workers and their families financially, physically and emotionally devastated. Houston industrial accident lawyer Neal Davis helps American workers obtain the compensation they deserve. If we don't win, you don't pay. That's our No Fee Guarantee.

The American oil refinery and plant manufacturing industries have long been considered two of the most dangerous and deadly occupations in the country. Because of this recognized danger, oil companies and manufacturers commonly contract out the most hazardous jobs to other companies, which misleadingly lowers the federal injury and fatality rate recorded by industry safety organizations like OSHA and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, all 15 workers who died in the 2005 Texas City blast were contractors, and none of their deaths are counted in the federal government's annual report for refining industry fatalities.

Nevertheless, the last couple decades have seen a startling increase in reported fatalities at oil refineries and chemical plants - especially in Texas, where the refining industry is big business.

If you have experienced serious injury during your job as a refinery or plant worker, or your loved one was fatally wounded in a plant/refinery accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your loss. Talking to a knowledgeable plant and refinery accident attorney like Neal Davis will ensure you get the best possible compensation for your injuries or a wrongful death.

Between 2003 and 2011, 935 American workers were killed in the oil and gas refinery industry. From 2007 to 2011, Texas held the record for the highest number of refinery/plant worker deaths occurring on-site with 199 fatalities during that five year period.

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Common Types of Industrial Accidents at American Plants & Refineries

Plants and refineries are inherently dangerous places to work, and accidents at these factories can come in various shapes and sizes. One common underlying theme in these catastrophic accidents, however, is negligence. Negligence - by either the employer, worker, or a third party such as an equipment manufacturer or contractor - is almost always the ultimate cause of refinery explosions, fires, asphyxiation and other life-threatening incidents.

Several of the most common types of plant and refinery accidents include:

  • Chemical plant accidents - malfunctioning equipment, improper handling of toxic materials, insufficient safety procedures, etc.

  • Fertilizer plant explosions

  • Refinery/plant explosions

  • Oil refinery plant accidents - overheating, defective equipment, hidden corrosion, etc.

  • Refinery/plant fires - caused by improper handling of chemicals or materials

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How OSHA Helps Protect Refinery Workers

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a branch of the U.S. Department of Labor, is charged with the colossal effort of protecting American industrial workers, including oil refinery and plant laborers, from negligent employers. Since industrial workplace accidents are so common, OSHA has established rules and restrictions that all employers must follow.

If, in the event of an accident, the plant or refinery is shown to have violated these federal guidelines, then additional compensation may be owed to the victims and their families. In other words, if it can be proven that a plant/refinery accident could have been avoided were it not for human error, then the responsible party can be held liable.

Dangers of Chemical Plants

Of all the dangers present in American factories, plants and oil/gas refineries, the most prevalent hazard by far is toxic chemical exposure. Workers must take extreme care when handling chemical plant materials or else risk endangering their own life and the lives of their coworkers. Even when handling toxic material with an appropriate level of caution, so much can go wrong - poorly designed equipment, inadequate warnings of danger, poor danger review, etc.

In fact, the threat posed to American workers in chemical and refinery plants is so severe that OSHA recently issued an open letter to all refinery managers, urging them to take safety seriously. An excerpt from the letter reads:

In the last fifteen years, the petroleum refining industry (Standard Industrial Code (SIC) 2911, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 32411) has had more fatal or catastrophic incidents related to the release of highly hazardous chemicals (HHCs) than any other industry sector covered by the PSM standard.
These serious incidents reinforce the need for vigilant compliance with OSHA standards, particularly the PSM standard, which requires employers to develop comprehensive, site specific, integrated safety management systems to reduce the risks of incidents involving HHCs.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

While most plant and refinery accidents should be covered under your employer's workers' compensation insurance policy, many injured workers don't know that this is not their only option for monetary recompense. If it can be determined that negligence played a role in your case, then additional compensation may be owed for serious injury or wrongful death. A skilled personal injury attorney who specializes industrial refinery/plant accidents can help gather evidence and testimony to support your claim.

With 20 years of experience fighting for the underdog in thousands of cases and in hundreds of trials, Neal Davis is uniquely qualified to help you stand up to big oil companies and industrial manufacturers to ensure you get the compensation you and your family are owed. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and learn how we can help guide you through the process. You won't pay a penny unless we win your case. That's our No Fee Guarantee!







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