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Houston Burn Injury Attorneys

Have you been the victim of a burn injury? You need attorneys who know how to handle these cases and get results. Let Neal Davis guide you through the legal process.

According to the American Burn Association, there are around 486,000 cases of burn injury treated each year in the United States, and around 4,000 of these burns result in death. Survivors are often left with permanent scars, tissue damage, and extreme pain because of these injuries.

Fortunately, victims of burn injuries are often entitled to financial compensation for their losses if the injury is the direct result of another's negligence. Houston personal injury attorney Neal Davis is ready to help you toward that compensation.

If you decide to seek compensation for your burn injuries, it is important to have your burn assessed by a medical professional. The severity of the burn may correlate with the amount of compensation due if the case is settled.

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Common Burn Injuries

The majority of burn injuries occur in the victim's home - whether by fireplace, stove, or even by using household chemicals. Common burn injuries include:

  • Chemical Burns - Contact with dangerous chemicals can also lead to serious burns. Various acids, detergents, or alkalis can cause injury if mishandled.

  • Inhalation Burns - Inhaling toxic fumes or gasses such as smoke or steam can inflame the lungs.

  • Defective Product Burns - Malfunctioning products can cause an unexpected serious burn injury.
  • Thermal Burns - Thermal burns occur when skin is exposed to heat that is over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes boiling water, steam, fire, hot metals, etc.

  • Electrical Burns - Exposure to electrical currents can cause severe external burns, internal burns, or even death depending on the current's strength.

Types of Burns

If you've suffered a burn injury, it's important to consult a medical expert in order to properly assess the damage. The severity of a burn injury can be placed into one of four categories. They include:

  • First Degree Burns - First degree burns are the least detrimental of the four, and primarily affect the outer layer of the skin. They include sunburns or other minor brushes with heat, and their symptoms include reddened skin and occasionally some swelling. These types of burns likely do not require any medical attention unless pain is significant.

  • Second Degree Burns - Second degree burns move past the outer layer of skin and reach the dermis layer. These burns are normally fairly small, but can include blisters, pain, and uncomfortable swelling.

  • Third Degree Burns - Third degree burns are considered severe, affecting not only the skin but seriously injuring underlying tissues as well. Skin that has suffered a third degree burn is very sensitive, can change color to either white or black, become very dry, and can be extremely painful. Medical attention should be sought if a third degree burn is suffered.

  • Fourth Degree Burns - Fourth degree burns are the least common of the four categories; however, they are the most damaging and debilitating. Fourth degree burns not only injure the skin and tissues, but also the muscles, ligaments, tendons, or even bones in the affected area. These burns can cause extreme pain, amputation, or even death.

Liability and Compensation for Burn Injuries

Determining fault in a burn injury case is determined by numerous factors. These include where the injury occurred, how the burn came about, and which party showed negligence at the time of the accident. Many parties can be deemed negligent and responsible for compensation. They can include:

  • Individuals showing negligence
  • Property owners neglecting code
  • A malfunctioning product's manufacturer
  • Corporations or businesses that provide an unsafe workplace

When compared to other personal injury cases, burns can cause serious and lasting effects. Scarring is common and the pain associated with burn injuries can be extreme and long-lasting. For this reason, compensation tends to be greater for these sorts of injuries. This, of course, depends on both the severity of the burns and the degree of negligence that caused the incident.

Compensation can be awarded for pain and suffering, current and projected medical bills, emotional trauma, property damage, etc. In addition, if it is determined that the defendant was "grossly negligent" in their actions that caused the burn injury, the victim may be able to receive punitive damages as well. Punitive damages exceed typical compensation in order to act as further punishment for the defendant.

If you've experienced a burn injury, whether major or minor, due to the negligence of someone else, contact a professional burn injury attorney as soon as possible. Neal Davis is prepared to take on your case and guide you through the legal process. We're ready to investigate your claim and utilize all avenues available in order to win the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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