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Defective Products Attorneys in Texas

If you've been injured due to a defective product, you need aggressive lawyers who know how to handle these cases and get results. Contact Neal Davis and receive the compensation you deserve.

Defective product liability cases are more common than you might think, and there are numerous types products that could result in an injury.

Anything from airbags to children's toys and dangerous drugs, product liability typically makes up around 5% of all personal injury cases according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Lawsuits filed against companies can easily warn others of defective products and provide compensation for any injuries the product has caused.

Don't hesitate to contact Houston's product liability attorney Neal Davis if you feel you've fallen victim to a defective product.

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What To Do After a Defective Product Injury

Defective product injury cases are won or lost in the immediate days and weeks following the accident, so it's important to know the proper steps to take to avoid compromising your claim. Following a defective product accident, you should:

  • 1. Seek medical attention if necessary.

  • 2. Secure the product. Keep it out of reach of anyone else that could be harmed.

  • 3. Locate documentation about the product. This includes any packaging, user manuals, or instructions for assembly.

  • 4. Collect evidence. Take photos of the product and any damage that was done because of the defect.

  • 5. Note the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident or come into contact with the defective product/evidence.

  • 6. Contact a product liability attorney as soon as possible. It can be detrimental to your case if you wait to contact a legal professional.

IMPORTANT: The suspected defective products should NOT be given to the manufacturer for testing in order to ensure an accurate investigation from an unbiased source.

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Compensation and Liability for Defective Product Accidents

The exact amount of compensation due depends on the specific conditions of each claim; however, product liability cases have a history of providing victims with large payouts.

In fact, The U.S. Department of Justice reported that product liability cases have a median payout of around $748,000.

Compensation can be for past, present, or future medical expenses, lost time and wages at work, pain and suffering, etc. In the instance of a wrongful death caused by a defective product, the victim's families may receive compensation for loss of companionship and funeral costs.

In order to prove compensation is owed, a victim must show evidence that he or she used the product correctly and for its intended use, that the product did not perform as it should have, and that the victim's injuries were a direct result of the malfunction.

Determining the liable party can be difficult in defective product cases. This mostly comes down to determining if the negligence occurred in the product's design, manufacturing or packaging phase, or a combination of the three. An attorney who understands the ins and outs of product liability claims can help investigate potentially liable parties and truly determine who is responsible for negligence.

Texas Limitations for Product Liability

Each state has its own set of limitations when it comes to product liability cases, and the state of Texas is no exception. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code states, firstly, that product sellers that had nothing to do with manufacturing, designing, or labeling a defective product cannot be held liable for injuries caused by said product unless their involvement is proven otherwise.

In addition, there are certain potentially dangerous products that come with common knowledge warnings, such as alcohol or tobacco products. In the case of these products, manufacturers and sellers are rarely held liable for claims against their products.

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If you've been injured due to a defective product, contacting product liability attorneys can greatly improve your chances of success.

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