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Truck Rollover Accident Attorneys

Truck rollover accidents are responsible for life-threatening injuries and property damage across Texas. If you've been injured, let attorney Neal Davis take on your case.

A truck that manages to roll over on the highway can be devastating for anyone unlucky enough to be in its path.

Unfortunately, rollover accidents are all too common on the road, causing thousands of serious injuries and millions of dollars in property damage every year.

While it may be an "accidental" rollover, many of these accidents are caused by the negligence of others, and that can be cause for compensation. If you've been injured in a truck rollover accident, attorney Neal Davis is prepared to guide you through the legal process toward recovery.

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Common Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

Large trucks carry a lot of weight. If that weight is thrown off, a rollover accident can become a real possibility. Several factors can play a hand in causing a truck rollover accident, and most are due to a failure to follow standard safety protocols and driving rules. Some of the most common reasons for truck rollover accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Sudden swerves or lane changes
  • Dangerous roads or weather conditions
  • Failing to maintain brakes, tires, or other parts of the truck
  • Lack of training for new drivers
  • Improper loading
  • Fatigued drivers

If a truck driver or trucking company fails to adhere to safe driving standards or procedures, and it results in a rollover accident, they can be held liable for the accident and may have to pay compensation to accident victims.

Tripped vs. Untripped Rollover Accidents

Truck rollover accidents can be sorted into two different categories: tripped and untripped.

Tripped truck rollover accidents occur because some external factor has caused the truck to roll over. For example, let's say a large truck slides off of the highway and hits a guardrail, causing it to roll over. The force of hitting the guardrail caused the truck to roll, thus making the accident a tripped rollover accident. The majority of truck rollover accidents fall under this category.

In contrast, untripped rollover accidents are not caused by external objects, but rather by speeding or quick turns made by the driver. These maneuvers can cause top-heavy trucks to roll over.

While rollover accidents aren't always the by-product of negligence, in the case of untripped rollover accidents, speeding or erratic maneuvers are usually the direct result of a negligent driver and could be grounds for liability in an accident.

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Liability and Compensation for Truck Rollover Accidents

As with other types of truck accidents, there are several parties that can be held liable for a truck rollover accident. They include:

  • The driver - Driver negligence is often the cause of rollover accidents. Whether it's driving fatigued, failing to inspect the truck before the journey, or speeding, if a truck driver fails to keep to safety standards then he or she can be held liable for a rollover accident.

  • The trucking company - Trucking companies can also be held liable for rollover accidents if it can be proven that insufficient training, improper inspections, or failure to obey federal safety standards (such as how long a driver is allowed to drive at one time) played a role in the crash.
  • A manufacturing company - A manufacturing company can be held liable for a rollover accident if it's proven that the accident was caused by a malfunctioning part or piece of equipment.

  • Another motorists - Sometimes, another driver's actions may cause a truck to rollover or the truck's driver to erratically maneuver the truck in a dangerous way.

Once you've established who the negligent party or parties are, you can file a personal injury claim in order to receive compensation for your damages. If granted, a truck accident settlement can help cover the costs of any medical expenses, lost time at work, property damage, or emotional pain and suffering you may have endured because of the rollover accident.

Hiring a Truck Rollover Accident Attorney

Truck accidents are complicated affairs. Large trucks often cause extensive damages and injuries, and investigating exactly what caused a rollover accident takes ample time and resources. Understanding federal truck regulations and the inner workings of truck accident personal injury law is very important to a successful claim. Hiring a qualified attorney with right expertise to deal with such accident cases can give your case the boost it needs.

Houston truck accident attorney Neal Davis is prepared to take on your truck rollover accident case. We will exhaust all resources in order to help you receive the compensation you deserve. If we don't win, you don't pay. That's our No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee. Contact us today for a free consultation of your case.







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